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"Dale, you are amazing!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your work is beautiful."  -Tammy Ulander



"My beautiful daughter and my insanely handsome son-in-law's wedding day was captured by the most talented and creative photographer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. The day was flawless and and almost was magic, and Dale captured the love and happiness they will feel for the rest of their lives together. I am proud to call Dale my it is impossible to know this man and not love him for who he is and what he stands for...perfection to a fault! Thank you, Dale for your patience with over-heated, thirsty, well worn family and guests, as we moved from hither and yon to avoid the bright sunlight and sweat!  We appreciated his sincere professionalism and dedication! Not much of it these days.  You were AMAZING!! Sincerely and with MUCH appreciation, Jeannine Griffin". -Jeannine Griffin



"Dale is a professional through and through, but with a sense of humor and calm.  His photographs are just beautiful, warm and endearing that they draw you in.  I heard many positives about Dale before we met and they are all true.  He captured the moments and I am thrilled I was able to hire him for my wedding.  Thank you Dale for so many lasting memories."  -Casey Slatter



"Dale is just awesome!.  He thinks out of the box with great ideas, he doesn't push anything, rather he asked me how I envisioned my day and then together, we customized and personalized my wedding.  Something else I really liked about Dale, he listened to me and never once tried to sell me anything.  I loved it and I love his work.  His photos are outstanding.  Glad me met and happy I hired him for my wedding."  -Michelle Gurwin



"Dale is a pleasure to work with. He has done photography for me personally and I see the results of his work frequently as I do custom framing for his clients through my business, The Art Shop, Inc. He is highly professional, creative and willing to go out of his way to make his clients happy. He has a keen eye and always seems to find the right shot."

-Lenny Dolin, President at The Art Shop, Inc



"Dale is an extremely talented photographer who works well with people while capturing important life events in commercial and natural settings. His nature photography is truly amazing. He is conscientious, reliable, honest and truly cares about providing quality work in a timely manner. His business ethics are above reproach and he is a real pleasure to work with."

-Donna Anderson, Program Manager at U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development



"I have had the pleasure of working with Dale on several occasions at Beth David Synagogue. Whenever he was asked, to volunteer his services, Dale was always ready, willing and able to capture the moment on film. He has even rearranged travel plans to cover a special event to honor our Rabbi. Dale is a joy to work with and his portfolio of work speaks for itself."

-Wendy Rothstein, MBA, Development Director at Operation Smile Inc.



"I have had the pleasure of working with Dale many times because Dale makes it easy and pleasurable. Always when going over the scope of the job, Dale asks the proper questions to ascertain and clearly state the true goal(s) of the job and he clearly puts forth what he will do for the client. As important, Dale takes the time with his clients to really find out what may have been unspoken, but in their minds eye of just what they are seeking to see in the photos. When I hire Dale I get more than a book of pictures or a CD of the event, Dale captures the heart and feeling of his photographic subjects. That is why we use him over and over again, he is the Expert."

-Andrew Aronson, CFB, President at Funding Logistics



"Working with Dale was a pleasure. We got a lot of great and diverse, artistic images that captured several of our daughter's many moods. She really enjoyed the outdoor photo shoot in the park." -Rich Lerner



"I can see Dale's passion for photography, his photographs

speak for itself." -Victor Huot



“Dale was wonderful to work with. I have 2 girls ages 3 & 6 and he managed to entertain them and capture some amazing photographs that we will cherish for a lifetime. I highly recommend Dale to even the most discriminating critic. Thank you Dale” -Elizabeth Becker



"Dale's photography experience and his commitment to customer service are second to none. His eye and talent for capturing the perfect emotion and reaction create a lifetime of memories for the recipients of his fine work."

-Sharon Strubel



“Your work, especially weddings, continue to amaze me. The passion that you have for photography makes all the difference. There is photography and then there is fine art photography. Art is when you see the definition of character in the faces that you love and this in turn creates an heirloom that is loved through the years. Thank you for being so creative, we love your wedding photographs and have already referred you to others”

-Sharon Rushing



“Dale cares so much about his work. He thinks of every detail to ensure a smooth photo shoot. I am very happy with the results and grateful to Dale for capturing the essence of my children.” -Kris Downing



“Dale did an absolutely wonderful job of capturing the moments and memories that will truly make our wedding day that “Special Day” forever. Thank you for giving us so many wonderful moments frozen in time that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.” -Robert & Amber Rinaldi



“Dale Gurvis is a real pleasure to work with. His respected advice, creativity, and expertise helped us achieve the portraits we wanted. He was very patient, caring, and careful with our dog. We learned a great deal from working with Dale as to variety of styles, tools, and techniques. We are delighted to recommend Dale to our friends and coworkers. We have other dogs and will look forward to contacting Dale in the near future for more beautiful portraits!”

-Michelle & Chuck Cranford



"Dale your work is beautiful and I couldn't be happier. Your photographs tell a story and I am grateful for everything. Working with you was a pleasure and thank you for being so easy to work with. You did what you said you would do and your other photographer was every bit as professional as you. I found it interesting to see you have so much fun while working. Telling others about you will be easy. Thanks, Debbie" -Debbie Blackburn



"Dear Dale, You have made everything so special. Your photographs are beautiful. My family (especially my mom) and friends loved my bridal portrait and the engagement photo taken at the O. Henry Hotel. Your photography is a gift and you were fun to have as our photographer. Thank you for making it an easy day for us. We will remember our day because of your photographs." -Sue Le



"We received the pictures Dale. They are so beautiful. Thank you so much. We are thrilled!" -Marissa Wilkins



"Plain and simple Dale, well done. Everyone was thrilled with your photography and beautiful pictures. You were everything I had heard about you and we can't thank you enough. Telling other brides to be about you is easy and my pleasure."

 -Amanda Kilby



"Hi Dale, One thing is for sure...seeing all of the outstanding photography reminds me that we made the right decision in choosing you as our photographer. The tremendous range of images will help to keep our memories fresh."

-Jackie Hirschhaut



"Your photographs are beautiful and you really did 'capture the essence of our moments' and we love them all. You were so calm, but still got the shots I wanted so badly and I thank you. Dale, I will recommend you to any Bride who asks me about a professional photographer who loves what he does, remains calm, gets 'those important shots' and is easy to work with. Thank you for everything. You were worth every penny." -Kris Carson



"Dale, having grown up in front of a camera (my dad was the great CW Martin of Martin's Studio), I usually am a tenacious critic of photographs in general and myself. However, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful job you did with our engagement and wedding photos. I especially love the ones in the park, being that the session was very casual and relaxed. The photos make it obvious how easy you are to work with. I actually really like many of the photos of me and that says a lot about your work as well. We are VERY HAPPY clients. The positive and sometimes glowing recommendations I heard about you were dead on."  -Julie Pilson



"Dear Dale, Plain and simple, your photography took our breath away. You captured more moments than I ever thought and we love your pictures. We can't thank you enough for all that you did and how easy you were to work with, before and after our wedding. Next time you come to the beach, call us so we can schedule another session for additional photography. Thanks again Dale for all that you did. I recommend to anyone who wants what every Bride wants to meet with the photographer who delivers and then some. Our best to you." -Alex and Brandy



"Hiring Dale Gurvis Photography in Greensboro was a pleasure. When he first arrived in Wilmington, he immediately went to work hours before my wedding, covering every base, some that I even forgot, as I was THAT BUSY. Dale was calm, focused and made me feel at ease during my entire day. I recommend Dale a lot and not just for his calm and professional demeanor, but his photography is beautiful. He captured all the little things that mattered and that meant a great deal to me. Dale, your work is beautiful and many people who attended my wedding were aware how hard you worked and said so many nice things about you and your other photographer. Our photographs are really what's left over from my wedding and only now have I come to realize the most important part of my wedding was you, the photographer. Thank you so much." -Frances Goins



"Dale, your photographs are so beautiful. I can't even begin to express how happy I am with your photography, but it is easy to say we love them. You were calm, professional and just so easy to work with. It was all appreciated. Fran made the best choice when she hired you to be her wedding photographer. Thank you for so many special memories." -Mother of Frances Downs



"When I first met Dale, I realized he was the right wedding photographer for me. He didn't try to push any packages, but rather he asked me what I wanted and listened to what I had to say. Imagine that? I had met with other photographers, but he was different. Dale captured all my special moments and I couldn't be more pleased. He worked with me from the beginning and was always focused on me and what I wanted and did he deliver. I have recommended Dale Gurvis Photography to more than just a few people and will continue to recommend him. Dale was easy to work with and his passion for photography was evident. His work speaks for itself. For my mom, dad and entire family, thank you Dale." -Caroline Hughes



"Dale is excellent to work with. As a photographer he has a keen eye for great, creative shots and has the ability to be versatile and do classic photography with a contemporary edge. He also has a knack for being in the right place at the right time to get great shots. He is friendly, courteous, very professional, meets deadlines and always returns phone calls. When coordinating with Dale on any project he sincere and passionate. He is a great choice to have as a wedding photographer or for that matter, any event!"

-Nathanael Verrill, Owner, NkV Design




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