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My passion for photography began at a very early age with my dad's 16 mm Kodak movie camera and his Brownie camera and every where I traveled, one or both of those cameras were always with me, by my side, because I was always looking for that perfect picture.


I realized at an early age that perfect pictures are elusive, but still happen every day and usually when you least expect it, most even going unnoticed.  We live such busy lives, that at times it is difficult to see just what it is we are missing.  To me, photography is a creative expression that should be a natural and unforced process.  I am not big about photographic gimmicks or techniques, but rather I love to photograph what I see, which is more expressive or even compelling.  Each image I capture is the essence of what I felt was one of life's simplest and special moments.


I have always believed photographs are visual markers, reminding us all where we began and where we are now.  Like our sense of smell, those memories transport us to a different time or place and all because of a photograph.  I am committed to doing the same for you and your family.



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